Frequently Asked Questions

    [fa icon="plus-square"] Can we bring a guest?

    Yes, every FinancialForce President's Club inductee can invite one guest.  Your guest should be a spouse, significant other, sibling or best friend.  It should be someone that is an important part of your life.

    If you are not positive of your guest please RSVP with TBD under guest name.  When you do finalize your guest please complete the registration process again so we have all of your guest's information in the right place!

    While we want to recognize your family for the support they give you and FinancialForce throughout the year, Presidents Club is a work event and geared towards adults. The activities planned have been designed to provide a forum for you and your guest to meet and socialize with other top contributing colleagues as well as several members of the leadership team. This is a relaxed setting where we will have both a good mix of fun and exchange of ideas.

    FinancialForce Sponsored Activities:

    Welcome Reception - Monday night
    Group dinner - Wednesday night
    Closing dinner - Thursday night
    Activities available for sign up through the registration site
    [fa icon="plus-square"] When must we RSVP by?
    All RSVP's must be received by March 2, 2022!  Please make sure your RSVP is on time to secure your spot in the May trip.
    [fa icon="plus-square"] Can I come early or extend my trip?

    Yes, please email with extension requests. Due to May being Maui's busiest season, extensions are extremely limited as the hotel is almost at full capacity around our event dates. We will accommodate as many requests as possible based upon availability.

    [fa icon="plus-square"] What are my flight details?

    All flights are required to be booked through Executive Group Travel.  Upon completing the registration, a representative from EGT will be in contact within 48 hours with several flight options and once selected, will be booked for you and your guest.

    Executive Group Travel will manage the budget for each attendees flight.  Any flights that go over budget, you will be held responsible for the difference and can cover that through Executive Group Travel.

     You will be responsible to cover any flight changes after booking unless it is work related.

    [fa icon="plus-square"] Are airport transfers provided in Maui?

    Yes FF will cover airport transfers to/from the Maui OGG airport to the Andaz.  FF will be providing group transportation upon arrival and for your departure.

     You will receive your departure times from the hotel in your individual Travefy itinerary.  Please don't be late for your meeting time. 


    [fa icon="plus-square"] Will FinancialForce provide per diem or should we expense meals?
    For breakfast and lunch each day, along with the one dinner at leisure, FinancialForce will provide resort credit that you can use at any of the food and beverage outlets at the Andaz Maui.  Any additional spend over the resort credit provided will be your responsibility and not be reimbursed by the company. 
    [fa icon="plus-square"] What happens if I don't spend my resort credit?
    At the end of your trip, if there is a balance from the resort credit issued to you and your guest, please note that there isn't a cash payout option, the remaining balance will just go back to the company to invest towards future trips!
    [fa icon="plus-square"] If the itinerary changes, how will I stay updated?

    There will be two options.

    1.  All updates and changes will be communicated to you through email in a timely manner.  This means you should be using the hotel wi-fi once a day to check for any updates or special events added.

    2.  The website will also have all updates posted before the event and during the event.   Also your Travefy individual itinerary will be updated during the event with any changes.  We recommend you downloading the app to have the best user experience.

    [fa icon="plus-square"] Expense and Travel Policy US, Canada and Australia

    FinancialForce’s policy is to reimburse employees for necessary, job-related expenses incurred for travel or other work related

    FinancialForce has established reasonable guidelines and limits that allow the Company to accomplish business objectives, comply with required regulations, and maintain efficiency with Company spending.

    Please find more details here: Expense and Travel Policy

    [fa icon="plus-square"] Financial Force Code of Conduct

    Please follow the link below for the FF Code of Conduct:

    FF Code of Conduct